Watch Early Gameplay For Psychonauts 2 In This Prototype

Elise Favis

The anticipated Psychonauts 2 won't be releasing for some time yet, but in the meantime, Tim Schafer and crew at Double Fine have unveiled gameplay from an early prototype of the game. In the video below, we see Tim Schafer and lead designer Zak McClendon give us a tour of a revamped and gorgeous-looking Whispering Rock, which was the camp setting from the original. However, everything seen here is proof-of-concept and only a prototype. The two stress in the video that what is seen here won't be in the final game. Nonetheless, we still get to see Raz do some rad telekinesis acrobatics, and a cool new move called the Balloon Glide.

(Please visit the site to view this media) Some moves will look familiar, such as the double jump and Raz's weird glowing ball that he can roll around on. Early this year, Psychonauts reached its funding goal of 3. 3 million via crowdfunding website Fig. Just last week, we also found out that Fig, where backers can also be investors and possibly gain monetary return, has officially been SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) approved. You can watch our Super Replay of Psychonauts from a few years back here.

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