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Watch peasants throw poop in a new Kingdom Come: Deliverance story trailer


The medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set to come out in early next year, and it looks very promising. It forgoes the usual fantasy RPG trappings in favor of a more realistic depiction of life as a sword-swinging hero—minus the poor hygiene and disfiguring diseases that never seem to make it into popular portrayals. The game follows the story of Henry, who as we learned in June sets out to avenge the massacre of his village and finds himself caught up in the midst of a raging civil war.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Born From Ashes (EU)

But it turns out that he's also kind of a goof: He throws poop at houses for fun, and spends his spare time (which appears plentiful) "drinking and chasing wenches," until an epiphany (which I bet has something to do with a girl) about what's really important sets him on a new and more worthy path, equipped with the skills and tools he needs to seek out justice for his parents! The trailer's voice acting isn't great (to put it gently) but developer Warh

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