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Watch this guy play Destiny 2 on an integrated Intel GPU

Andy Chalk

Nvidia's recommended GPU for Destiny 2 is a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, for those of you who want 4K resolution rockin' away at the highest detail level—or a GTX 1060 if your standards are low enough to settle for mere 1080p. But what if—what if—all you have at your disposal is an onboard Intel graphics chipset? In that case, you do what redditor ballisticshark did: You suck it up and make it work. "On Destiny 2 launch day, my ASUS GTX 1080 died about 4 hours into the game.

So that's about the last time I experience any pretty looking graphics, in any game really," they wrote of the sad situation. "Anyway, I soldier on because I don't want to lag behind on progress with my friends and everyone else in the game. I decide to play the game with on-board Intel graphic. I had to get all the setting to the lowest possible, drop resolution to 720p and render scale to 45% to get it running smoothly at 20-30ish fps in heavy fire fight /w mu

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