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We discuss Far Cry 5's new setting, the reaction to it, and the fidelity of its fly-fishing


James recently wrote up his impressions of his first look at Far Cry 5, and even with what little we know so far there's a lot to absorb, so the rest of us are keen to chime in. Ubisoft's set the seventh game in the series (counting Primal and Blood Dragon) in the United States, a fictional county in Montana, to be exact, where players will do battle with a powerful militia created by a religious cult. Along with the hype there's been some backlash (of course), and we've been teased with a few new features like character customization and campaign-wide two-player co-op. What do we think? Here's what we think.

James: First off, what do you all think of the setting? I’m already sick of saying I grew up in Montana, but I’m still excited to see a bigtime videogame set there. Some parts are as wild as any other Far Cry setting, replete with trees for miles, snowcapped mountains, bears, mountain lions, and plenty of strange people. And with all the tools of

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