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We Happy Few delayed, developers offer refunds to Early Access purchasers

Andy Chalk

The release of We Happy Few, the game about getting high and getting along in the jolly old England of an alt-history 1960s, has been pushed a little deeper into the year. Developer Compulsion Games said in an update on Steam that it's now "content complete" but requires more time to polish than was originally expected, and so it won't be released until sometime in the summer. The launch date had been set last summer to April 13 of this year as part of a publishing deal with Gearbox that also saw its price double from $30 to $60.

We Happy Few - Production Update and Story Teaser

The studio explained at the time that the price hike was driven by a tremendous increase in the game's scope to a "full sized, retail game," and while that may be accurate it nonetheless did not make a particularly good impression among fans and followers. The studio acknowledged in the delay announcement that the reaction was fair, although it reiterated that "we’ve done a huge amount of work and t

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