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We have mixed feelings about BioWare's Anthem


We got our first real look at BioWare’s new game, Anthem, at the Microsoft E3 press conference earlier this week. There’s reason to be excited: here’s a new shared world shooter just around the corner, and it’s one of the best-looking games from the show, with ferns, and mud, and murky rivers crowding a dense jungle world, while mountains tease us in the distance. We all know not to trust E3 trailers, but even so, just five years ago Anthem would’ve been the uncontested highlight of the show—recall the excitement for The Division back in 2013, in pre-Destiny days, when Warframe was just a baby. But the always-online, cooperative multiplayer shooter is a genre we know well today.

Anthem Official Gameplay Reveal

To reuse a headline: We have mixed feelings about Anthem. What does our love for Mass Effect 1, Dargon Age, Baldur’s Gate, or Jade Empire have to do with this game? How is BioWare going to compete with the loot shooting of games like Destiny 2, or even Bord

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