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We locked two strangers in the brig in Sea of Thieves, but were we right to do so?

Samuel Roberts

Last week when the UK team played Sea of Thieves, only three of us had the time to take part, meaning we were assigned random players as a fourth crewmember. This happened twice, and in both cases we locked the additional player in the brig—one case in which we felt justified to do so, and another where we might've made a terrible error, letting the player out shortly after. In any case, the brig proved to be the source of some fun stories. But did we abuse our power? And is the brig a positive element in the game? Tom and Sam discuss it below.

Samuel Roberts: The brig in Sea of Thieves lets you vote to lock one player up in the basement level (that's what sailors call it, right? ) of your ship. You can then vote again to let them out or just leave them there. You could argue it's just a tool for griefing, but the idea of one player misbehaving and being punished for it is fundamentally funny, and has a lot of potential for different player-generated stories. The brig is

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