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Why Destiny 2 players got so angry, and how Bungie plans to make them happy again

Tim Clark

In the decade and a half I've been covering games, I can't recall a major studio which has a stranger relationship with its fans than Bungie. Every time I think Destiny is on track to completely deliver on its shared-world shooter promise, the studio fires a fusion rifle at its own feet. Design decisions which seem baffling from the outside are followed by inevitable community uproar, which intensifies until Bungie issues a vague mea culpa along the lines of 'we're listening, we'll do better.

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'At least yesterday we got a detailed mea culpa in the form of a blog post outlining how Bungie intends to improve the game for its most passionate fans. And honestly, I'm sure Bungie has been listening and trying to do better. My impression is of a studio that avidly listens to criticism, even if the conversation can sometimes feel like shouting into a well.

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