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Why Gunsmithing is the future of Call of Duty’s gun customisation


Call of Duty has a long history of letting players trick out their multiplayer weapons, stretching all the way back to the original Modern Warfare. For this reimagining of their classic title, Infinity Ward has thought long and hard about how to increase the series’ tinkering potential. The result of this is Gunsmithing, the deepest and most varied weapon customisation system the system has ever seen. Rather than acting as a sub-menu in multiplayer matches, Modern Warfare’s gunsmithing is an entirely separate system in its own right. Every firearm in the game can be adapted and modified in multiple ways, letting you tailor each weapon to perfectly suit your preferred playstyle.

Select your weapon of choice in gunsmithing, and Modern Warfare will bring up a detailed model of the weapon in question. Each firearm in Modern Warfare can be modified in up to five different places, at the muzzle, the barrel, the underbarrel, the optics, and the rear stock. Each weapon is different, however. Assault rifles generally have more customisation options than pistols, for example.

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