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Why raiding is the biggest reason to be excited about Destiny 2


The PC is the birthplace of raiding. We know better than anyone how to gather a group of tanks, healers and DPSers in the noble name of taking down a boss so big that alone we’d struggle to tickle it. However, the most interesting thing to happen to raiding in recent years didn’t happen on PC. Destiny was only released on console, but it managed to fuse complex raid mechanics, surprisingly rich lore, and Bungie’s usual buttery smooth FPS gunplay to create, well, something new.

Over the course of three years, Destiny has delivered four raids, each with its own unique flavor and multiple bosses featuring fiendishly opaque challenges to overcome. As with all raids, first you have to assemble a team with a couple of hours to spare. Bungie’s lack of in-game tools means this can be a challenge in its own right, unless you have six friends on hand, in which case you can skip running the LFG gauntlet. At their best and most hectic, Destiny raids feel like trying to

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