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With Destiny 2 scented candles, Bungie can finally join you for bath time


Put down those delicious Pop Tarts and take a final swig of that refreshing, energizing Rockstar energy drink! The brand has expanded. Destiny 2 scented candles have finally arrived. While I wash away the dirt and grime from a long day at the game news quarry, nothing eases the tension better than the warm, enveloping scent of Spinmetal and Helium Filaments. Breathe deep, hold it, hold it, hold it—and exhale. No, you’re not coughing up blood.

Those are the toxins, the bad toxins. In partnership with Activision and Bungie, Numskull is releasing a series of official Destiny 2 products, including a set of scented candles, and the perfect instrument for murder: a tiny Ghost candelabra. There’s the usual assortment of mugs and keychains too, but these candles might be the best branded merchandise I’ve seen in all my years. Second up is the Destiny 2 bathrobe, which I fully intend to play Destiny 2 in. I can see it now, a tumbler of Rockstar, Pop Tart hors d'

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