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With dozens of sci-fi references, The Outer Worlds shows Obsidian's love of the genre


The Outer Worlds has obviously been made by people who love science fiction. It's a funny game that references its inspirations proudly. Environment designs, one-off lines and space gadgets frequently pay homage to some of the best science fiction films and television of the past few decades. You've probably spotted loads already, but let's celebrate some of the best. Two TV shows have clearly had a big influence on The Outer Worlds. There's Joss Whedon's classic, tragically short-lived Firefly, and Futurama.  Firefly stars a band of misfits trying to make a buck on the frontier of space.

They mix it up with gangsters and flee the attentions of terrifying space corporations. It has more of a space Western feel than The Outer Worlds, but a few character archetypes carry over into your companions. In Parvarti you have a different take on the cheerful mechanic who just loves ships and machines—much like Kaylee from Firefly. Shepherd Book seems like a much nicer guy than Vicar Max, but both are men of the cloth who keep accidentally hinting at a murderous past. If you squint, your Outer Worlds ship looks a bit like Serenity. If you notice your hold filling up with 'wooly cows', that's surely a reference to a Firefly scene that shows Serenity's hold full of cows about to be rustled to another planet.

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