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With so many extremely good and not bad Spider-Man games on PC, who even needs a PS4

Christopher Livingston

Every so often a game comes along that tempts me to buy a console. This week, naturally, it's Spider-Man, with its web-slinging and web-swinging, its dope-ass photomode that I want so much I can almost taste it, and the fact that you can apparently walk around giving New Yorkers friendly finger-guns at will. I want to play Spider-Man, dammit. I want to do flips and deliver quips and swing through a beautifully realized, puddle-free Manhattan—but I don't own a PS4. It's not a PC snob thing, I just don't want to buy a whole console for just one dang game.

So, what's a PC-only gamer to do when he wants to play some Spider-Man today? Luckily, there are options! Lots of great options that are making me feel so much better about not having a PS4. These options are great, he insisted again, hoping everyone would believe him.

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