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Wolfenstein Youngblood: How to find all 41 cassette tapes


Wolfenstein: Youngblood is not an especially long game, yet Machine Games and Arkane crammed a whopping 41 hidden cassette tapes in the game. The tapes vary from period-appropriate songs to exhaustive monologues and stories from unseen resistance members. If you're heading out to find the tapes on your own, heed this warning: wait until you reach level 30, and then pick up the the powerup in the "Mind" section that marks all collectibles on the mini-map. Even if you're using this guide, having the tapes marked as stars on the map will smooth things along. body . hawk-widget{--trd-blue:#2f6e91;width:100%;letter-spacing:normal;}. _hawk. subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{margin:16px 0;}@media (min-width:600px){. _hawk. subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{margin:0;min-height:128px;float:right;clear:none;width:50%;}.

fancy_box_body . _hawk. subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{float:none;width:100%;}}. icon~. hawk-widget{clear:both;}@media (min-width:400px){body . buyingguide . product . hawk-widget. bg-price{float:right;width:40%;}}Note: You'll find that tapes 23 and 30 are missing from the list. They'll be added shortly, as soon as I find them!

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