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Xur is selling Destiny 2's broken-as-hell gun this week, ensuring a weird weekend for the Crucible

James Davenport

With the release of Curse of Osiris we got some new exotics, one of which shipped with a major bug, according to Bungie. The bug makes the Prometheus Lens trace rifle a devastating force in multiplayer, dissolving players before they can even get a fair chance to react. Bungie reps said yesterday it will be patched next week, leaving only the lucky with the power of God to smite their opponents with a chunky laser pointer for the entire weekend. We were surprised and somewhat bemused by the delayed action. But now we know why.

Xur, our favorite tentacle-faced weekender, is selling the Prometheus Lens. Holy shit. Game director Luke Smith acknowledged the bold move this morning, tacitly giving his blessing for a weekend of nonsense. It's effectively created a limited-time multiplayer event out of a bug.

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