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You can make orcs fight like Pokémon in Middle-earth: Shadow of War


One of my favorite things about Middle-earth: Shadow of War so far are its variety of mission types. I've just hit Act II and completed my first fortress siege, a multi-stage battle where you bring your loyal (read: magi-psychically dominated into loyalty and subservience) orcs into battle against a powerful overlord, who is served by multiple war chief lieutenants. To prepare for that big battle, I commanded one of my orcs to fight the bodyguard orc of one of the war chiefs. If your orc defeats this bodyguard, Shadow of War gives them the opportunity to become a spy, and ambush that war chief if and when you go to fight them.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Infiltration battle

But these "Infiltration" missions have a catch: you can't participate. It's a contest between two orcs to see who's the better fighter, and see who deserves the job of bodyguard more. Now that I've played a little more, I've also discovered an area called the Fight Pits, where you can essentially level-grind your orcs against one

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