You Can Now Link Your Bungie And Accounts

Suriel Vazquez

With Destiny 2's PC version appearing on Blizzard's Battle. net launcher, it stands to reason Bungie and Blizzard would collaborate on stat-tracking, which is a big appeal of Bungie's website, Bungie. net. As of today, anyone with a Blizzard account can now link their Blizzard and Bungie. net accounts, which allows players to view all of their stats, hours played, and manage inventory (if the Bungie.

net feature suite from the first Destiny is any indication) once Destiny 2 hits in September. If you need help setting up the link, or have questions about what this means for your Blizzard account, you can take a look at Bungie. net's help page on the subject. The real question is: Will this get me a Roadhog skin for my Arcstrider Hunter down the road?

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