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You can run max settings on Far Cry 5 without melting your PC

Jarred Walton

Far Cry 5 in many ways is precisely what you'd expect from the franchise—and that includes performance aspects as well. Built using the latest version of the Dunia engine, which was in turn built off CryEngine, it's not quite as taxing on hardware as a few games I've looked at during the past year. That's not to say anyone and everyone will be running at 60fps, but if you played Far Cry 4 or Far Cry Primal, you should be fine. The settings are somewhat limited, and scaling of performance is pretty narrow as well.

Compared to maximum quality (the ultra preset), turning everything down to low/minimum only nets about a 50 percent boost to framerates. If you can't hit 30fps at 1080p ultra, low or medium quality might get you there, but 60fps is definitely not happening. Put another way, you'll need to average around 45fps at 1080p ultra if you want 1080p low to push you above 60fps. Beyond the graphics settings, which are somewhat limited, resolution is going

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