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You can't please everyone in survival city builder Frostpunk

Austin Wood

Frostpunk is a survival sim about managing a city in a wintry post-apocalypse by rationing resources like heat and food, passing hard-knock laws and, if you're Chris, mandating soup. But the more I talk with Pawel Czaplarski and Rufus Kubica of Polish developer 11 Bit Studios, the more I see that it's also a politically charged game about people. It's different from other city builders in that growth is far from your only goal, and it's different from other survival games in that you're responsible for an entire society, not just yourself. "It's not like a never-ending city builder. It's more story-driven," Czaplarski says. "This game is about politics.

It is about being a leader. You are responsible for your entire city-state. Whatever you shape will be your society. At the beginning you have a few simple tasks given to you to adapt to the situation. You need to get some coal, you need to start the generator. But ultimately you'r

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