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You need teamwork, stealth, and steady nerves to survive co-op horror FPS GTFO

Christopher Livingston

For an hour at E3 today I got my hands on GTFO and descended into a spooky and unforgiving network of caverns filled with horrifying fleshy ghouls. I wasn't alone down there, thankfully: three developers from 10 Chambers Collective escorted me into their four-player co-op horror FPS. I'm also gonna throw the world 'stealth' in there among the other adjectives. Though the footage above shows lots of action, most of our time in GTFO was spent sneaking, skulking, keeping quiet, and trying to figure out the best way to progress.

GTFO gameplay footage

You have to do that in GTFO or you won't last long. (Note: the footage is not of my gameplay session, but was provided by the developer. ) You begin GTFO by choosing your loadout, and that's not just limited to weapons like shotguns, pistols, rifles, and revolvers, but other types of tools to help you stay alive. There's a scanner that can help you map the tunnels ahead and a motion detector that briefly fills the air with green pa

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